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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unlocked Mobile Phones

Unlocked mobile phones allow users to activate the phone using service from any carrier, and they can recognize SIM card data from any cell phone provider. By disabling built-in proprietary software settings on a mobile phone, a phone is no longer required to be “loyal” to that specific carrier.

The reason providers lock phones in the first place is because they feel it keeps their customers from switching carriers before the end of a contractual period, thereby subsidizing the cost of the phones and allowing them to offer deeper discounts. Buying an unlocked phone will allow your customers the flexibility to insert an existing SIM card and activate it with the provider of their choice.

At TodaysCloseout.com, we offer a wide selection of unlocked mobile phones, either factory-refurbished or in their original pre-locked state, allowing you to keep up with growing customer demand. Whether you are an established cell phone retailer, or just getting started in the business, we will help you stay ahead of the competition by becoming your one-stop wholesale resource for the most popular phones and accessories.

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