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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Benefits of buying from a Wholesale Cell Phones Distributor


Many times we are asked about the benefit of purchasing wholesale phones from an authorized distributor of wholesale used phones that is R2 V3 & ISO certified vs buying directly from the major carrier or the MVNO you are using like AT&T or T-Mobile, Verizon, Cricket etc.

The answer is multi-layered, firstly many times large enterprise companies or VC funded startups are looking to deploy smartphones in bulk with very specific apps that require specific functions or technical specifications to their employees for various reasons, and the carriers or MVNO's often do not have the required knowledge, flexibility, or the correct phone options to serve those very specific needs.

Your needs come first for us, we are not about meeting quarterly or annual revenue targets for our wall street investors to inflate our stock price at any cost, we are all about making sure you have the right product fit, at the right cost that meets your goals and meets your needs to grow your business the way you like it and be more successful in everything you do, so that you can comfortably go about your work and your business without concern.

Additionally whilst carriers are great at flogging new expensive Apple iPhones & Samsung Galaxy or Samsung Note smartphones with cute marketing & innocent-looking but truly complicated leasing plan pricing and ridiculous undervalued buy-back options with long-term multi-year contracts to retail consumers, those options are very often not financially worthwhile or intelligent for the wholesale / bulk buyer of phones to say the least.

Being an R2 certified wholesale distributor of brand new & used phones means we provide far more financially appealing options including Brand New phones that are not available from the large networks, as well as premium quality refurbished phones, or lightly used A-Stock B-Stock or C-Stock wholesale used phones or Apple iPhones that are thoroughly tested purified and data sanitized to a bulletproof standard in every way, & that work & operate as good as new on the network for your choice, and they come with a much more financially appealing below-wholesale price tag and setup that doesn't include locking you into long term contracts or tricking you into massively deflated buy-back prices when it's time to sell us back your used devices & replace the devices with newer models.

To be continued...

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