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Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 Reasons People Should Buy Used & Refurbished Phones Wholesale

We live in an age where phone companies are scrambling to offer consumers sleeker phones with larger screens and more features than anyone could ever actually use. Sometimes getting a new or used wholesale cell phone's is necessary at times— if it’s broken or stolen. However, people mostly just want the latest thing available and are willing to fork over $700 or more every year. If you are not one of those people, we’ve rounded up 5 reasons you should consider buy a used or refurbished phone!

  1. Significant Savings
  2. It’s a no brainer, a used phone will cost significantly less than a new phone. You’ll be able to save anywhere from 50-75% on older models. You’re sure to snag a great deal and save money on a cell phone if you purchase from a reputable dealer!

  3. Eco-Friendly
  4. Everyone wants to do their part in protecting the environment and the materials used in many electronics are especially harmful. Cell phone materials include lead, cadmium, and copper that can be hazardous if they’re not disposed properly. In many states it’s actual legal to throw away your cell phone in the trash! Cell phones are considered e-waste and should be disposed of properly. You can do your part by purchasing a refurbished phone and keeping it out of the landfill.

  5. Great Gifts for Children
  6. Kids need a phone to be able to talk to their parents and friends. They might not, however, be as careful with an expensive cell phone. By purchasing a used phone, you’ll be able to save money and they’ll be able to receive a cell phone in great condition that really isn’t that “old.” It’s a win-win situation for parent and child!

  7. Can’t Part with your Favorite
  8. Sometimes a phone model arrives and it’s like you’ve never seen such a perfect cell phone. You love the shape, color, size, and capabilities. It’s the one for you and you want to treasure it forever! Then you drop it in the toilet and it’s beyond saving. Replace your favorite phone with the exact same model at a fraction of the price from buying it in-store.

  9. Avoid a long-term contract
  10. Cell phone companies offer discounts on new phones only after you lock into a two-year contract. Even now, many companies like AT&T are adding programs that won’t even give you the discount on a new phone. They’re simply dividing the entire cost of a new cell phone into smaller payment installments that will be added to your monthly bill. Is that supposed to be a good deal? Avoid all those extra payments and hassles with a used phone! A used or refurbished phone doesn’t equate an “old” brick phone without smart phone capabilities. It simply means a newer model has arrived with a few modifications. Since when is something that’s less than 14 months considered old? Hardly ever! Be a smart shopper and buy used for the best deal on a cell phone. Today’s Wholesale Closeout has great deals, come shop today!

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